What is the role of the meat industry in Australia’s economy?

What is the role of the meat industry in Australia’s economy?

Consumers who eat meat at home may have a higher risk of being exposed to BSE, according to research published in the scientific journal PLOS One.

The research found the meat sector accounted for between one-third and one-half of all meat-related BSE cases in Australia, which has a population of about 6.5 million.

The study found the highest rate of BSE infection in meat-eaters was found in rural and remote areas where there was more frequent exposure.

The researchers found that while most BSE infections in meat producers occurred in remote areas, the meat-eating population in the cities and suburbs was more likely to have been exposed to the virus.

“The BSE virus is particularly sensitive to exposure to low humidity and light, and we can only assume that meat is more likely than other products to be exposed to humidity and exposure to light,” said Dr Simon Dyer, lead author of the study from the University of New South Wales.

“Meat is a food product that has a very low risk of transmission from person to person, so if it can be processed in the same way, it would be less likely for it to transmit.”

Meat-eating is a growing trend among Australians, and a growing number of restaurants are beginning to stock products that are made with meat.

Meat processing has also become more environmentally friendly, with a recent study in Australia showing that about one-fifth of Australian farms use biodegradable packaging.

The researchers also found that the meat and poultry industry had the lowest rate of infection.

Dr Dyer said while the study did not say whether the meat consumption increased or decreased the risk of Bse, the study showed that the risk remained very low.

“In fact, the overall risk was much lower than that found with BSE.

So if you think about it, it’s quite a bit lower than what you might find with B.P.S. and BSE-CoV-2, so it’s not a major health concern,” he said.

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