Trump’s ‘Trumpcare’ will hurt the tech sector, tech CEOs say

Trump’s ‘Trumpcare’ will hurt the tech sector, tech CEOs say

Tech leaders have voiced concern that the “Trumpcare” Republican health care bill, which they say will leave millions of Americans without insurance, will hurt them, especially in the tech industry.

Tech companies, which have faced rising health costs and rising employee demands, have been critical of the Republican legislation in recent weeks as the Senate prepares to vote on the bill, known as “skinny repeal.”

They have also warned that the legislation will not be able to meet their high expectations for cost containment.

But while many tech leaders have expressed skepticism about the legislation, others have not, saying the GOP bill would make the industry less competitive in a time of rapid innovation.

On Tuesday, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the trade group for U.S. manufacturing, announced that it will lobby lawmakers on Tuesday to oppose the “skinnuke” legislation.

The trade group said that its members are “saddened” by the prospect of being left without insurance and that the bill will hurt their businesses and consumers.

“The House has passed a bill that is a terrible idea that would be devastating to our economy and our companies,” NAM CEO Gary Cohn said in a statement.

“I cannot imagine a better place to work than the U.A.E. and I cannot imagine any place where we would do better than in the United States of America.”NAM CEO, CEO and CEOs, including former President Bill Clinton, said the bill is “a bad deal for America” and said that “companies need to stand up and fight back.”

“It’s clear that many companies in the U., and especially in tech, will lose jobs, wages, and access to information if the Senate passes this bill,” Clinton said in the statement.

The Chamber of Commerce, which represents the nation’s largest corporations, issued a statement that said the Senate bill would “create a wall of uncertainty” for American businesses.

“Companies cannot be trusted to compete effectively and operate effectively when the government can interfere with their ability to innovate and innovate for America,” the statement said.

“This is a disastrous bill that would lead to significant job losses, and it would be a bad deal to make for the U, A.U. and all our businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses,” the chamber said.

“We urge the Senate to reject this bill as soon as possible.”

In a separate statement, the AFL-CIO said the GOP legislation will “leave millions of workers without insurance.”

“The bill will lead to fewer choices for consumers and businesses, leaving millions of people without insurance coverage,” AFL-LAW said.

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