Samsung: Consumer brand industries to see more growth in 2018

Samsung: Consumer brand industries to see more growth in 2018

Consumer brand businesses are expected to see an increase in revenue in 2018, according to Samsung.

The company’s latest financial report released on Wednesday revealed that consumer brand revenue increased 13.4 percent year-on-year to $2.3 trillion, while sales increased by 6.9 percent.

The increase in consumer brand sales comes on top of Samsung’s growth in its consumer products business, which was up by 15.7 percent to $1.3 billion.

Samsung is now looking to add to the growth momentum it’s already seen.

The new financial report showed that Samsung expects to increase its consumer brands sales by a further 4 percent in 2018 to $3.2 trillion.

Samsung also said it will invest $1 billion more in its manufacturing and technology businesses over the next six months to expand their competitiveness.

The consumer brand business is expected to gain 4.3 percent to 6.6 percent in 2019, while the manufacturing business is predicted to grow by 3.9% to 9.5 percent.

Overall, Samsung expects that its consumer brand revenues will increase by 6 percent to 12.9 trillion won in 2019.

Samsung has also announced plans to expand its mobile devices business to help boost its mobile device revenue.

The mobile business, as its name implies, helps Samsung and its OEM partners deliver the best mobile experience to customers.

The firm said it plans to launch a range of new smartphones in the near future, which will help boost sales of its premium smartphones.

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