What you need to know about industrial consumable definitions

What you need to know about industrial consumable definitions

The definition of an industrial consumate depends on the type of products being sold, as well as what they contain.

For example, food and drink is an industrial product, whereas clothing and footwear is not.

You will need to refer to the definition of a particular industrial product.

The definition below is a general guide and does not provide specific guidance.

For more information about industrial goods, see our guide to industrial products.

For a detailed list of industry definitions and how to apply them, please visit our Industry Definitions section.

Industrial consumables are defined as: industrial products and equipment which are used in manufacturing, manufacturing processes, manufacture of goods or components and production of finished products; industrial materials and equipment used in the manufacture of industrial products; equipment and parts of an equipment which enable the production of industrial goods or the preparation of industrial articles; industrial equipment and equipment necessary for the production or preparation of finished goods; and equipment and materials used in preparing, assembling, preparing for, or packaging industrial articles.

Industry groups and industry organisations can make guidance on the definition and the definitions used in their publications.

For further information, contact your local trade body or industry organisation.

Industries which have adopted a definition of industrial consumability are listed in our Industry Categories section.

Find out more about industrial products:Industry GroupGuideIndustryGenesIndustrySamplesIndustryFibre and textile industriesIndustry ServicesIndustry and industry-specific services are listed on our Industry Guide.

Find more information on how to define industrial products, or if you require further guidance, you can contact your trade body.

Find or update your contact details for a list of organisations and trade bodies who can provide you with further information.

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