Why the US isn’t a safe place for gaming consumer

Why the US isn’t a safe place for gaming consumer

The US is the country with the largest share of gamers who are still on social media and play games regularly.

But the industry’s biggest demographic, which has been largely invisible until now, is women.

“The US is where the vast majority of gamers are,” says Lauren Dorn, co-founder and CEO of indie studio Gameloft.

“We see a lot of the women gamers in our community.

We’re the only country in the world where that’s true.”

With a new generation of gamers, it is now up to the games industry to help bridge that gap.

Gamers have been the driving force behind the gaming revolution since the dawn of mobile gaming in the mid-2000s.

Gamers, in fact, were the first to use Facebook to create social networking apps.

Today, they are the fastest-growing segment of the gaming market.

Gameloft is a gaming company that helps make mobile games, like Clash Royale, more accessible for women.

It also sells games like the highly-acclaimed Pokemon GO, which it is working on to help children get a better grasp of Pokemon.

Dorn says that while it is the “only industry” in the US where female gamers are “more likely to be active” than male gamers, she also believes that games like Pokemon GO can help address that issue.

The social gaming market is growing at an exponential rate, and with it the demand for games like mobile gaming, which is why Gameloven’s first game, Clash Royale: Ultimate Team, is so popular.

Dorns is excited to see the game’s release in 2017.

“We can’t get there without all of these new games coming out that we have a lot in store,” she says.

“So I think it’s incredibly exciting to see that we’re going to have a big opportunity to create a new type of social gaming experience for women.”

Gamers can find out more about Gameloot, including the game, on Gamelove’s website.

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