When Big Pharma Companies Sell You Drugs You Don’t Need

When Big Pharma Companies Sell You Drugs You Don’t Need

Over the past few years, the industry has been taking on a new type of threat to the drug industry.

Big Pharma companies are now selling prescription drugs directly to patients, bypassing traditional distributors and retailers.

The drugs are being sold at wholesale prices, with the bulk of the profits going to the pharma companies themselves, and the profits from the bulk sales are being used to fund research and development programs at major universities.

The companies have used this tactic for years, but it’s been gaining traction as an alternative to traditional wholesale distributors.

Big pharma is using this method to push the envelope on the distribution model.

They are selling drugs directly from manufacturers, bypassting traditional distributors.

 This has caused a lot of concern in the industry.

In particular, concerns have been raised about whether Big Pharma is putting patients’ interests over the interests of the industry’s bottom line.

The problem is, there is no evidence to support the notion that Big Pharma has any interests in the distribution of prescription drugs.

When you look at how the industry operates, they’re just like any other large company.

There are people in the supply chain, but they’re all there to make money and they’re there to provide value to the company.

When a company like Wal-Mart or a Wal-Marts gets caught cheating the system, they just go away.

This isn’t something that is a new phenomenon.

Big pharmaceutical companies have been selling drugs to consumers for decades.

When you look into the history of the supply chains for any company, you’ll find that it’s usually an amalgamation of several companies.

Big Pharma is using the distribution system to its advantage.

What does it mean for Big Pharma to be using this model?

The pharmaceutical industry is already facing major challenges in the marketplace.

There are huge challenges in terms of the quality of drugs and the supply of drugs, particularly in the United States.

Big corporations have historically been able to take advantage of those problems.

Big companies have long had a monopoly on the drug distribution system.

They’re using this system to push down prices on their own products and then to fund the research and develop programs that are needed to keep up with the pharmaceutical industry’s rapid pace of innovation.

With the new distribution model, Big Pharma appears to be taking advantage of the growing consumer demand for cheaper drugs.

Consumers are also beginning to demand cheaper drugs, which is a problem because Big Pharma will pay less for a drug than it would for a generic version.

If the distribution company can’t keep up, it can get into the business of marketing the drug itself.

It’s a win-win for Big Business and for the pharmaceutical companies.

It’s not going to hurt them when consumers demand lower prices, but consumers will be the ones who will pay more for the drug.

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