What are the consumer based industrial electricity consumer segments?

What are the consumer based industrial electricity consumer segments?

Consumers in the consumer electricity market represent a broad spectrum of electricity consumers, ranging from utility-scale consumers to small and medium sized businesses and households.

They include consumers who buy electricity from electric utilities, small businesses, and households with limited means.

Industrial consumers represent the largest segment of the industrial electricity market.

In many industries, electricity generation is the primary source of electricity and consumers are also the largest users of electricity generation.

Electricity generation is also a major source of demand for electricity for industries in which electricity is the only form of transportation.

Industrial electricity consumers account for approximately 75 percent of the total electricity market and account for about 90 percent of electricity demand.

In addition, industrial consumers tend to be relatively more urban, with higher residential usage and less urban dwelling size than their rural counterparts.

The industrial electricity consumers are mainly those who own electricity generating equipment and are more likely to be homeowners.

Industrial consumer segments include the following: Utility-scale (generating electricity for residential and small business customers)

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