‘We want to create a better world’: women in tech industry to push for gender equity

‘We want to create a better world’: women in tech industry to push for gender equity

Tech giant Amazon is aiming to build a workplace where women feel safe to work and are given the opportunity to lead, a message that has been echoed by female workers in the tech sector.

In a new report from the advocacy group CodePink, which is advocating for more women in the IT industry, the tech giant aims to create an inclusive environment for women, saying that it is building a culture of “empowerment, support and equity”.

The report comes as the head of the US tech sector, Sheryl Sandberg, announced plans to create two new “women-led” companies, AmazonFresh and AWS.

The companies are described as “transformational” and will aim to bring together Amazon’s diverse workforce and create “a more diverse workplace for women”.

In a press release, CodePink said that it was calling on Congress to “revisit and strengthen the Gender Inclusion Act” which passed the US Senate in November.

“We want Amazon to ensure that women have the freedom to do the work that they do in the workplace and that they feel safe working in their spaces. 

We want them to have the opportunity, both physically and in the workplace, to build their careers and build their communities,” Ms Sandberg said.

AmazonFresh, for example, is a service that provides “local, seasonal and paid work for small businesses, and provides employees with a platform to share ideas, get feedback and build relationships with others in the Amazon ecosystem.”

“We are thrilled to partner with CodePink to highlight AmazonFresh as a platform that is uniquely suited to support women, and for AmazonFresh to work in partnership with CodePals efforts to ensure equitable and safe workplaces for all.” 

AWS, meanwhile, is aiming “to create an open and inclusive environment in which all people are valued, supported and valued by the company, and where the company is driven by the values of inclusion, inclusion, and diversity.”

The groups new report also highlighted Amazon’s “outreach efforts” to encourage women and other minorities to apply for and receive jobs at the tech company.

“Amazon’s work on this front is an incredible example of how Amazon has not only built an environment for all of its employees to thrive, but also an open-door policy that welcomes, supports and supports all of Amazon’s employees,” CodePink CEO, Amy Spitalnick, said in a statement.

We call on Congress and the Trump Administration to reaffirm and strengthen this important and necessary piece of legislation and ensure that AmazonFresh is a safe, welcoming and inclusive workplace for all women.”

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