‘I was told to go to work’: A chemical company told its workers they’d be fired for wearing a T-shirt in a photo

‘I was told to go to work’: A chemical company told its workers they’d be fired for wearing a T-shirt in a photo

Posted December 02, 2019 05:16:36After a couple of years of wearing the T-shirts, one of the employees said she was told she would be fired.

It wasn’t clear how long the workers had been wearing the shirts, but she said she had been told the shirts were made of a plastic material, and she was supposed to have them replaced.

The company had sent the workers to a supplier to have their shirts replaced, but the workers refused, and the shirts weren’t returned.

She was told they would be sacked.

The woman said she told her boss, but he said she should go to the supplier.

She said she wasn’t allowed to go because of the shirts and she wouldn’t have been able to return the shirts to her employer.

She told the ABC her employer wouldn’t let her go.

“I said I was tired of it.

I said this is my job and I’m just going to keep wearing them,” she said.”

And he said he’s not going to take any action on me.”

The company said it was in contact with the employee, and had sent her a letter.

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