Google-owned AdWords is trying to fix the ad fraud crisis

Google-owned AdWords is trying to fix the ad fraud crisis

Google’s AdWords, a search engine that lets users buy, sell and manage ads, has started experimenting with a new way of tracking user activity.

AdWords’ ad tracking system is being tweaked to better detect the fraudulent activity of ad campaigns, including ones from online businesses.

Google is experimenting with using a new technology called “data analytics,” which can identify ad-sold items and track them as users click through to other ad pages.

Data analytics is an effort to improve the way advertisers can track user behavior.

It could help them better target ads and improve ad performance.

AdWords says it will use the data analytics technology to “enhance its ability to detect fraudulent ads and remove them from our system.”

Google is using data analytics to better understand which ads are being sold and what ad campaigns are fraudulent.

The technology was developed at Google Research, a division within Google that has worked on tracking ad spending and the search engine giant’s ad revenue growth.

“We believe this data analysis is an important way to improve ad technology,” said Jeff Jarvis, Google’s senior vice president of marketing and product management.

“We want to ensure that our AdWords systems are able to more quickly identify and remove fraudulent campaigns.”

Google said it will initially start using data from AdWords to identify fraudulent ad campaigns.

The company said that it will continue to improve its ad technology.

AdWords is a popular way for advertisers to reach their target audiences, and it generates more than $1 billion a year for Google.

According to a report from market research firm IDC, Google AdWords has been used in more than 100 million transactions, with the average transaction taking between 10 and 18 minutes to complete.

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