Consumers Demand Federal Trade Commission Reopening False Advertising Cases

Consumers Demand Federal Trade Commission Reopening False Advertising Cases

Consumers are demanding the Federal Trade Commision reopen false advertising cases filed by the tobacco industry.

The National Consumer Law Center filed a class action lawsuit on Monday against the cigarette and tobacco companies, accusing the tobacco companies of misleading consumers with false claims that cigarettes contain cancer-fighting chemicals.

“In order to protect consumers from the deceptive marketing and the threats to their health posed by tobacco products, the Federal Government must act to prevent the tobacco industries from using false claims to advance their agenda of forcing consumers to buy harmful tobacco products,” said Elizabeth L. Scott, executive director of the National Consumer Legal Center.

“The tobacco industry should have no place in the government’s regulatory process.”

In January, a federal court in New York granted summary judgment to the tobacco company, agreeing to the settlement that would allow the tobacco manufacturers to keep operating without facing the consequences of the lawsuit.

But the plaintiffs are still fighting to have the case reopened.

They filed the lawsuit on behalf of themselves and others, including former members of Congress and former executives of tobacco companies.

The plaintiffs allege that the tobacco makers’ advertising campaigns have harmed the health and livelihoods of thousands of people, many of whom have cancer and are receiving treatment for the disease.

According to the lawsuit, the tobacco and tobacco industry have a long history of deceptive marketing.

In a 2013 interview with the Wall Street Journal, former President Joe Biden told CNN that tobacco companies were using deceptive language to encourage Americans to smoke, citing as examples tobacco advertising that claimed to contain cancer fighting chemicals.

The tobacco industry denies the claims and claims the claims are false.

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