Consumers are ‘overwhelmed’ by food-safety risks in India

Consumers are ‘overwhelmed’ by food-safety risks in India

Consumers are “overwhellled” by food safety risks in the country, a survey by research firm Kantar Worldpanel has revealed.

The survey, conducted by the consumer goods company in January this year, revealed that almost half of consumers said they have not been able to eat or drink their favourite food because of a food safety problem.

The majority of respondents said they were worried about the health impact of unsafe food products, according to the survey.

According to the report, most respondents felt they were unable to do the “right” thing in regards to food safety issues.

“More than a third of respondents reported that they had made a decision to avoid eating food or drink, or to take precautions such as avoiding foods, water or contact with others that contain food-borne pathogens (Hepatitis A and B),” the survey said.

The respondents, however, were not unanimous on the issue of food safety.

“The majority agreed that people need to be responsible for food safety,” the survey noted.

“But it is the responsibility of consumers and businesses to be aware of potential risks, and take action accordingly.”

Respondents said that many food products were not tested thoroughly before being sold, and that many products were marketed as safe only because they contained additives that were not.

“In some cases, the ingredients were added at the behest of a company, rather than because of the health and safety requirements of the company, which may have been the case in some cases,” the report stated.

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