Why do some Australian businesses charge for ‘sap’ consumer products?

Why do some Australian businesses charge for ‘sap’ consumer products?

Consumer advocates say some businesses in Australia charge consumers for products that aren’t available in other markets.

Key points:Consumer groups say some business are charging consumers for ‘sale’ services on their websitesSome companies are using ‘sale’ to generate revenueFrom the ABC:Consumer advocates say businesses are charging Australian consumers for services that aren “not available” in the markets they operate inSome business are using “sale” to generate revenues through advertising and other advertising revenue.

“The idea that the government is telling Australian consumers that they can’t be charged for a product that isn’t available outside Australia is very, very misleading,” said Catherine Kuehl, a professor at Griffith University’s business law department.

“We have to understand the legal ramifications and what the consequences of this are for consumers.”

Consumer groups are urging the Federal Government to investigate.

“There are plenty of ways to do business in Australia,” Ms Kuehl said.

“You can offer your services for free in your home country or on your website.

You can offer a free trial, so if you’re using a trial, you’re paying for it.”

Consumer advocates are concerned that if businesses are allowed to charge for these services, they could create new problems for consumers.

“Businesses that do this are opening up the door to a whole range of new opportunities that could be abused and potentially put Australians at risk,” she said.

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