What you need to know about the Tesla Model 3, including the most important new features

What you need to know about the Tesla Model 3, including the most important new features

Tesla’s new car has arrived, and the hype is already building.

With the unveiling of the Model 3 in California, Elon Musk and company have managed to hit a number of milestones with their ambitious new electric vehicle, and now it’s time to talk about the biggest things that we learned about the car at the show.

Elon Musk says we should expect “a lot more” of the same on the Model 4, and you can bet that we’ll be hearing more about that in the weeks to come.

To start, here are some of the biggest changes we learned at Tesla’s press conference:1.

Tesla is introducing a new battery pack.

The Model 3’s battery pack was one of the most expensive pieces of hardware in the car’s lineup, and it’s a key component in Tesla’s drive to get to a mass market.

The new battery packs are thinner and lighter than the older ones, which Musk said were “almost like a battery pack”.

This means the battery packs on the new Model 3 can fit into the car with a few minor adjustments.

It’s a much smaller, lighter, and thinner pack than the Model S’ and the Model X’ packs, and also weighs less than the X’s Model S battery.

The battery packs, called Li-ion, are more than a few years old, and they’ve been designed to be rechargeable.

We expect to see the batteries in the Model III and the new Tesla Model 4 rechargeable in 2020, but it’s not yet clear when the new battery technologies will become standard.

This new design is being tested in the new Audi Q7, which has been released just a few months ago.2.

The car has a bigger cabin.

The exterior of the new car is dominated by the new 3D Glass windows, which are thinner, wider, and have much less glass than the previous models.

We saw them in the Tesla Roadster, but they are noticeably thinner than the glass on the roof of the Range Rover Sport and Model X. The front bumper of the car is also thicker, but that’s because it’s being mounted on a higher-strength, lightweight composite material.

This allows for greater stability in cornering, and Tesla says it’s also been able to increase the thickness of the windshield for better visibility.3.

It has a new front air dam.

The air dam is one of Tesla’s most significant changes, and we’ll probably see the Model Z and Model S cars with a similar design for the next generation.

The company says the new design allows for better cooling and wind protection, as well as “better thermal management”.

This includes an increased thermal resistance between the air and the exterior of a vehicle, which can help improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases.

We’re not sure what the new air dam will be called, but we expect to hear more about it at the Tesla launch event.4.

It features a redesigned interior.

The redesigned interior of the Tesla model 3 is similar to the new exterior of some other electric vehicles we’ve seen in recent years.

It uses a “hybrid” design, where the cabin is split into two different areas that are separated by a single pane of glass.

This is more than just a simple aesthetic tweak.

The designers said the new interior has a “more sophisticated and sophisticated” look, and Musk told us it will be similar to other cars on the market, but with a more modern look and feel.

The most interesting part is that it looks a lot like the interior of a Ferrari F40, so it’s likely that the new model will have similar styling.

It will also have a “supercharged” version of the lithium-ion battery that was first introduced in the 2017 Model S.5.

The cabin is much taller.

The top of the dashboard is now taller, and there are now four rows of seats with the front row occupied by the driver, the rear row occupied the front passengers, and a small amount of space for the rear seats.

The seats themselves have been made smaller, too, and will feature “slightly raised” armrests.

Musk told me that he was looking forward to the prospect of “getting to be on the floor a little bit”, and we’re definitely looking forward.

We also liked the look of the seats, which were designed by the French firm Alcatel-Lucent.

We’ve seen these seats on the Jaguar XE, Audi Q5, BMW i3, and Audi R8, so we’re very interested to see how the new models will look.6.

The Tesla Model X is bigger than the original Model 3.

We can’t tell you how big it is, but the Model Y, which was introduced in 2019, is the biggest of the three.

The biggest thing we learned from the Model 2 was that the Model T’s interior was bigger than it was, and this new Model X has a much bigger trunk, which will allow the driver to take a lot

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