How to trade your personal data

How to trade your personal data

This article is part of our new series: How to Trade Your Personal Data.

The series looks at the latest developments in data protection and privacy, as well as new ways to manage personal data and access data on the web and in the cloud.

We’ll be looking at the future of personal data.

How do we make it safe?

Personal data is often used to identify, monitor and control people and objects.

It can also help us make better decisions about how we interact with them, which can benefit people and society.

It is also often used by companies to target ads and other marketing messages to their users.

This information is sometimes shared with other people, or sold on the internet for profit.

For example, personal data is used to track your movements and your purchases.

Personal data also helps police to investigate crime.

In this article we’ll look at how we can manage personal information securely and protect it.

The key issues to consider are: how personal data should be treated How can we make sure personal data we share is safe?

What types of information can we share?

What information should we keep secret?

How can I manage the information I share?

How do I protect my personal data?

How to share personal data With your consent, you can share personal information with companies or organisations.

You don’t need to give them your full name, but you should tell them where you live, what you do for a living and what your interests are.

Companies should only use personal information for the purposes you specify.

Your data should not be used for: collecting information about you and other people; marketing your business; organising events or meetings; or advertising to you or other people.

Companies are also legally required to ensure that their data is only used for the right purposes.

The information should be kept confidential, and you should be able to request that the information not be disclosed to anyone else.

To find out more about the types of personal information that companies can collect, read our Privacy Policy.

What types should companies be allowed to collect?

You have the right to control your personal information.

This means that companies should not ask you for your personal details unless you give them permission to do so.

Companies can ask for a list of your contacts, your internet browsing history and other information about your online activities.

This can help them understand how you use the internet and your activities on it.

Companies may also request that you give permission to use certain data for their own purposes.

Examples include your financial details and your medical records.

Your consent should be given before you allow companies to use your personal info.

Companies cannot use your data to target advertisements, send you unsolicited marketing messages, collect information about other people or analyse or store data about you for the purpose of analysing it for marketing purposes.

Companies need to consider how your data will be used.

How can you make it safer?

Companies can share your data with other companies, but they must give you permission for them to do this.

If you are a UK resident and you use a company’s products, you must not share your personal name, email address, telephone number, credit card details, email addresses or anything else you have given to them.

Companies must also notify you of any changes to your data, and explain how they will use it.

This may involve telling you about any changes in how it is used or your rights.

You may also be asked to provide your details if you provide it voluntarily.

You must also give your consent if they ask you to do something about your data.

You can ask to restrict your personal contact information, or delete it if you do not want it to be used in a way that would be unlawful.

For more information about data protection, read Our Data Protection Guide.

How to use personal data Where you can restrict your data How can companies limit the amount of personal info they can collect?

Companies are legally allowed to limit the amounts of personal stuff they can use for a given purpose.

You should be allowed a maximum of 5 GB of data that can be collected, and it should only be used to do what they say it will do.

Companies aren’t allowed to use more than 5 GB per day, and they aren’t permitted to use it for the wrong purpose.

For a full list of legal limits on how much data companies can use, see the Data Protection Guidance.

How are companies allowed to share your information with other organisations?

Companies must only share your info with other parties when you give your permission.

This usually involves giving them the name and email address of the person you wish to share the info with, and how you will use the information.

Companies also must notify you about changes to the data they have about you, and inform you about how they’ll use the info.

You will also need to tell them that they can share the information with any other organisation you give it permission to share it with.

For an overview of how to tell companies about data they are sharing, read How to tell a company

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